Provocate Digital Magazine: Inclusionary Social Housing

Social Housing

The pre-democratic South African government succeeded, with breathtaking efficiency, in the unnatural and arbitrary physical separation of people. This effort was hard-coded into the legislation of the day, ruthlessly effective in creating the patchwork spatial pattern we have inherited, woven with the threads of highways and railway lines used as instruments of separation.

ELEVATEAfrica Magazine article: A new world for the traditional landlord

Long Street during pandemic

Uncertainty seems to be our “new normal”. The tide is retreating, as the business world is exposed to the most extreme stress test in living memory. It’s not possible to predict when the next global interruption will come, or what it will look like.

SAPOA Property Review: Asset management of government properties – Time for a reboot?


The purpose of this article is to delve deeper into the nature of asset management of government’s vast fixed property portfolio. The aim is to clarify, predominantly for the private-sector reader, where government asset management finds its genesis…

SAPOA Property Review: Inclusionary Housing – The regulatory perspective for a secondary market system

In the inclusionary housing discourse thus far, one aspect has not received adequate attention. As the City of Cape Town embarks on developing its inclusionary housing policy over the next 18 months, the aspect of the regulatory mechanism into which inclusionary housing units are taken up post-development needs deeper coverage.